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This isn't you sitting by yourself following some tutorial to learn code. You will work together with a team to gain real-world experience. Just imagine a place where learning is turned into apps. Join us to crowdsource the development of the next generation of products, meanwhile contribute to society. Why join? Well, we give you your own ship. Learn more inside.

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Export Hospitality Discovery

Travel to a nearby galaxy of your fleet's choice and bring about a new booking ecosystem by connecting native Expedia and AirBnB services. In some reaches of the universe, civilizations have yet to connect sharing economy technology with top-down booking tools.

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Establish a crytocurrency trading firm abroad

In some reaches of the universe, civilizations are still relying on fiat currency and stock/bond trading in equity markets to power their economies. Help bring algorithmic trading via Bitcoin to help liberate these economies for the future Cloudian influence of economic freedom.

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Deter Exploitation Abroad

In order for the Cloudian civilization to spread to outposts across the galaxy, according to Code of Freedom Act of 4027, we must not tolerate the exploitation of citizen dwellings. Help solve these problems by establish technology to stomp this out.

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  • Enlist as an astronautSelect A Fleet Role

    Each fleet requires fleet members to travel to different areas of galaxies to coordinate app deployments. Each role is focused on either front-end development, back-end development, experience design, development operations, and/or management.
    Personality Test.

  • Take the testReceive Your Rank

    For each role, we have quick, timed tests to assess your abilities in a given area. Your score in a given area will determine what deployments and roles you are eligible for. All non-Frontier Force members will be required to join a Learner Fleet on a Astroid Belt near our System and coordinate the completion of a simple app deployment.

  • Get PlacedLand a mentor

    Based on your score, we will select a mentor track for you to follow. Each mentor track is connected to certain deployments and your mentor's tutorials will help you learn as you build completed apps. Some mentors are available for live chat during certain days, others have liasons you can reach out of comms who you can connect with for guidance as you follow their tutorials.

  • Start Your EnginesChoose a Deployment

    Based on your passions, select a deployment within your mentor's track. Your mentor specifies how many roles are needed for a particular project and sets start date and completion dates. .

  • Travel to Unknown WorldsPierce the Cloud

    You earn revenue via the Cloudian energy currency, Cloken, by adding to your projects and helping others on your fleet reach your special place on the Internet, establishing your own web or mobile app economy within an OuterSystem.

Enlistment is free to all citizens of the Cloudian Cluster. All fleet members are given a StarterShip by the United Cloudian Authority to travel abroad to establish new economies through app deployments. We provide further mentorships, enhanced ships, and appenticeships to members of the Frontier Forces.

Free Enlistment< Frontier Forces

United Cloudian Authority Officers

  • Marissa Small
    Communications Officer

    The community leader bringing hackers from around the world together on CodeCloud.me

  • Luke Fitzpatrick
    Outreach Officer

    The most kick-ass startup marketing guru you've never met.

  • Mike De'Shazer
    Technology Officer

    The creator of over 50 apps and founder of CodeCloud.me


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